Training concept


3 semesters during regular studies:

The seminars of the Bavarian EliteAcademy generally aim at students from all academic backgrounds, preferably from engineering and natural sciences as well as economics. Students must have completed two university semesters when starting the program. The program runs parallel to the professional education at a university and takes place during the semester breaks of three subsequent semesters.

Intercultural, interdisciplinary, value-oriented, practical:

Leadership ability is based on competence and credibility. Our program aims at creating a common understanding of goals, to motivate and to coordinate achievements. Hence, the program promotes abilities such as:

  • Goal-oriented planning and acting
  • Ability to increase motivation in a team
  • An understanding of systems and economic action
  • The courage to make decision and to assume responsibility
  • Acting in consideration of moral principles
  • Detection and implementation of innovative ideas
  • Original thinking and moral courage
  • Intercultural and interdisciplinary competence

Our program consists of the following four elements:

Training sessions:

Three separate 4-week-training sessions take place during the semester breaks. The students visit interesing seminars, workshops, and fire side talks with high-ranking individulas from industry, science, and politics. Students alsp take part in corprorate excursions and practical trainings in social institutions.

Team projects:

Small groups of four to five students work together with the support of a tutor. They work on a socially relevant subject while testing and developing their abilities as a strong and active member of a team.

Mentoring program:

The personal mentor from industry or science offers exclusive and individual tutoring to each student. That person provides important insight into the daily routines of a decision maker and supports the personal development of our students during the time of the program until they enter a career. 


The program offers optional internships abroad in the management of one of our sponsoring firms. A one-week trip to Brussels is another available option for an insight into the mechanisms of the European institutions.

The Bavarian EliteAcademy promotes the idea of networking:

We offer many occasions for our alumni to meet, allowing the different alumni generations to get to know each other and to keep in touch. Opportunities include ski weekends, traditional summer festivities, the certificate awarding ceremonies, the graduation ball, mentoring sessions, public presentations of team projects, firm contact days, and the regular homecoming organized by our alumni.