Our mission and objectives

”The real voyage of discovery consists
not in seeking new landscapes but in
having new eyes.”

Marcel Proust

Leaders need to be credible. They need the ability to motivate and challenge other people, to solve conflicts, and they need social and communicative competence. This is all the more true in times of globalization, fast changing technologies and fast changing production processes.

We aim at qualifying gifted and motivated students who wish to gain new qualifications and who strive to be future leaders in the economy. We search for strong and versatile personalities who are willing to assume responsibility and who are interested in more than promoting their own career.

Our program is open to students from all of Bavaria’s universities. It runs parallel to professional and academic programs.

Our program is based on the following main components:

  • Personal development and leadership
  • Ethics and responsibility
  • Interdisciplinary and intercultural thinking and acting
  • Results-oriented planning and working in a team
  • Corporate management in times of globalization
  • Media competence
  • Entrepreneurship

Our program focuses on knowledge transfer, decision-making competence, and values. These values include a willingness to perform and assume responsibility, integrity, open mindedness, and moral courage.

We use the term “elite” for those who are willing to assume responsibility and use their potential for the good of society. Our students come from all social backgrounds.