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Stiftung Bayerische EliteAkademie
HVB Uni Credit AG
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Our donors founded the Bavarian EliteAcademy in 1998 with the aim of imparting knowledge to excellent students from all of Bavaria’s universities during the time between university semesters. They focused on responsible leadership and corporate management, on better understanding of multicultural ways of thinking and acting, on an interdisciplinary perspective as well as media competence and entrepreneurial thinking.

The underlying thought was that future leaders needed to be more highly qualified in a globalized world and especially in a state such as Bavaria, which lacked raw materials and had high labor costs. . Excellent and comprehensive education should be an essential prerequisite to assure the success of regionally produced goods and services on the global market.

Our donors strive to foster the common welfare and to safeguard Bavaria and Germany as business locations by offering talented and committed students further broad and value-oriented training. Representatives of our sponsoring firms are partly personally involved as mentors or lecturers and provide valuable practical know-how to the students of the Bavarian EliteAcademy. The interdisciplinary exchange with young talents is an enriching experience for the sponsoring firms, who establish contact with these young and highly qualified future leaders at a very early stage. Furthermore, the companies become part of a network of innovative students, mentors, lecturers, donors, and friends.

The Bavarian EliteAcademy has continuously received endowment contributions and donations since its establishment. Additional funds would help the Academy to make its program available to more students from Bavarian universities.