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»Since attending the program of the Bavarian Elite Academy I have learned that it is possible to combine entrepreneurial success with social responsibility.«

Carolin Bock (6th year)

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»Through my education at the Bavarian EliteAcademy I learned to use my personal skills and talents concretely and in the interest of all parties concerned.«

Matthias Notz (3rd year)

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»The Bavarian EliteAcademy, of all scholarship and sponsoring programs, offers their alumni the best, most vibrant and sustainable network.«

Dr-Ing. Christian Hainzlmeiner
(6th year)

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»What continually fascinates me about BEA is the diversity of the students. It’s exciting, challenging, and instructive to discuss things, to work, and spend your free time with so many people from such a variety of academic backgrounds.«

Valerie Scheer (10th year)

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»The Bavarian EliteAcademy offers the possibility to expand your network with people from interesting personal and academic backgrounds.«

Lars Büthe (10th year)

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»Top-class seminars, interdisciplinary work, and contact with impressive personalities are optimal additions to the professional academic training at a university.«

Christian Neugirg (7th year)

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»The Bavarian EliteAcademy offers more than I expected. It was a very enriching to experience to gain motivation and responsibility through interdisciplinary learning.«

Günter Westner (5th year)

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»During my time at the Bavarian EliteAcademy I came to realize what really matters in addition to professional qualification.«

Dominik Fauser (10th year)

Develop your full potential!

We support gifted and motivated students from all of Bavaria’s universities on their way to becoming responsible leaders in the future.

Our program includes campus training sessions for several weeks during the semester breaks, an interdisciplinary team project supported by tutors, personal coaching by high-ranking mentors from the economy, study trips as well as internship placements at home and abroad.

Our curriculum is based on the following main components: personal development and leadership, business management, interdisciplinary and intercultural thinking and acting, ethics and responsibility, media competence, and entrepreneurship.

The Bavarian EliteAcademy is a foundation of Bavarian industries, which closely cooperates with the universities and universities of applied sciences in Bavaria.